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The primary goal is to drive qualified traffic to Xome.com. Raise awareness, educate, and inspire real estate investors of all kinds to use Xome as their one-stop shop for their real estate transaction needs by creating confidence and comfort in Xome and the auction process.

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Strategic Partnership and Expansion: Maximizing Brand Impact and Targeted Reach for Xome

Meta was leveraged as a key partner in the Xome annual plan, enhancing Brand Awareness and driving Traffic. Adherence to Meta’s policies, particularly *Special Ad Category regulations, prompted an expansion of the Social strategy beyond Meta for additional targeting options. Pinterest was utilized to boost brand awareness by targeting users seeking inspiration, with visually appealing creative units attracting those interested in home and finance content. LinkedIn was tapped to increase site traffic among high-net-worth investors and promote key offerings, utilizing custom Acxiom data segments for industry professionals. LinkedIn’s Best-in-class targeting was optimized to ensure messages reached the most relevant investors for Xome.

Budget: $646,000
Goal: Brand Awareness ($4.00 CPM) and Traffic (1.00% CTR)


CPM – $2.03 vs. $4.00 Benchmark
CTR – 1.22% vs 1.00% Benchmark


CPM – $3.40 vs. $7.00 Benchmark


CPM – $13.28
CTR – 1.03% vs. 0.42% Benchmark

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InHouse continues to beat benchmark across all channels and objectives.

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Let's do biz

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